Enhanced data sharing model

Sharing enables a clinician to get a full picture of all elements that affect your treatment.


Data shared with who and why?

Many GP practices in Leeds, the out of hours on-call Doctor service and many other organisations use the Leeds Care Records service to share information about your care

This means that if we refer you to a service that is already using Leeds Care Record, the person you go and see will have access to your GP record and visa versa. This allows for safer care and means you have to repeat your story less often.

What is shared?

All data unless specific items are marked as private.

How is the data shared?

Access is restricted to NHS Smartcard holders in Hospitals, Out of Hours Services, Community Health and GPs.

How is consent given?

Initial implied consent with explicit consent for a share in and out at each organisation.

How do I get more information?

For further detailed information on how the record sharing works in our system is available from the waiting room

We are in the process of asking your sharing preferences regarding your full detailed electronic record. We are telling you about this, as you have a choice to make. You can choose to share or not to share your full electronic record with other NHS care services where you are treated and whether we can view records held by those other services.

If you choose to make your record shareable, your clinical details will only viewable by clinical teams who are treating you.

Each clinical team which cares for you now or in the future will ask your permission to view your shared record. You can also ask for part of your record to be made private – not shareable. All record accesses are recorded and auditable. If you choose not to make your records shareable, we will respect your wishes and will do our best to make your care safe and efficient. However, denying the clinical teams caring for you the ability to access important clinical details could compromise your care.

You Have Two Choices:

    • Sharing Out – This controls whether your full electronic patient record can be shared with other NHS care services where you are treated.

Let us know if your records should be Shareable or Not Shareable.

    • Sharing In – This controls whether you agree for this service to view the information you’ve agreed to share at other NHS care services.

Let us know if we can view your shared record from elsewhere or if you do not want it to be viewable to us.

In the event of an emergency: In certain circumstances, such as if you are unconscious or there is a court order, healthcare staff may look at your record without asking you. If they have to do this, a note will be made on your record. If we share information without your permission, we will make sure that we keep to the Data Protection Act 1998, the NHS confidentiality code of practice and other national guidelines on best practice.