Our infection control leads at the surgery are:

Mrs Lynne White (Practice Matron)

Mrs Sara Lane (Nurse Practitioner)

  • The Practice has not had any outbreaks of infection in the year 2019 – 2020. 
  • The Practice has had a triennial audit on 2nd August 2018 conducted by Mrs Liz Grogan (Senior Infection Prevention and Control Nurse Specialist, Leeds Community Health Care).                                                                   We scored the following:
    1. 1. Environment 100% Compliant
    2. 2. Hand hygiene 100% Compliant
    3. 3. Personal protective equipment 100% Compliant
    4. 4. Prevention of blood and body fluid exposure incidents, including needle stick injuries            95% Compliant
    5. 5. Management of waste 100% Compliant
    6. 6. Equipment management 100% Compliant
    7. 7. Organisational controls (policies and procedures) 100% Compliant

We have conducted internal audits in the past year and acted on the results as needed.

    • Our policies and procedures were updated on 10th  August 2020.
    • Our staff have yearly infection control training including hand hygiene training.

Statement dated. 10th August 2020. Lynne White.