GP availability

GP Timetable

Please see below for an indicative timetable for our GPs- please not that this will be subject to variation due to holidays, meetings, training session etc.

Daya.m. sessionsp.m. sessions
MondayDr IqbalDr LawtonDr GreggDr IqbalDr LawtonDr Gregg
TuesdayDr IqbalDr LawtonDr MayersDr IqbalDr LawtonDr Mayers
WednesdayDr LawtonDr GreggDr AnthonyDr LawtonDr GreggDr Anthony
ThursdayDr GreggDr EdwardsDr AnthonyDr AnthonyDr Gregg 
FridayDr LawtonDr MayersDr GreggDr AnthonyDr LawtonDr MayersDr AnthonyDr Gregg