Mental Health

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All our doctors are trained to help people suffering from mental health problems. Making an appointment is a good place to start if you are looking for help.

There are also lots of other services locally that are there to support you, many of whom you can refer yourself to.

Services for adults

  • If you are aged 17 or older then a good place to start is the Mindwell website. It is designed to help you understand the common problems that people face and the range of services here to help. It also offers help to those who are worried about others.
  • You might have heard your GP or friend talk about IAPT. This is a range of services that we commonly refer our patients to when they have problems with mental health. Here is a list of what IAPT offer, you can also refer yourself to this service from their website.

Services for children

If you are aged 16 or under, then a good place to start is the MindMate website.

MindMate is specifically aimed at young people and can help you understand the way you are feeling and find the right advice and support. It also offers advice for parents. You can call them on 0300 555 0324.

Feeling suicidal

You can contact the Crisis Team on 0300 300 1485 or alternatively If we are open, then please call to book an urgent same day appointment with one of our Doctors.

Mental Health during Covid-19

Many people with ASD will become increasingly vulnerable during the current Covid-19 crisis. In response to this, a new project is being launched with a focus on people who are routinely not known to services or accessing support.

Please click here to see the attached flyers from Advonet which give you contact details and explain how you can support or inform people to use the service.

The Leeds Suicide Bereavement service is a peer-led service and has been show to be effective in reducing suicide in this cohort.Those who have lost someone they know to suicide are at a greater risk of taking their own life.

Mental Health during Covid-19

There’s little doubt that the extension of restrictions will impact people in different ways: many will be worried about jobs, money and health, as well as missing friends and family. Tips and resources that can help if you’re feeling worried about returning to every day life. Please check here to find some useful resources in managing Life after Lockdown.